Jacqui Hawk Artist Statement


Jacqui Hawk

Jacqui Hawk was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and grew up in the English Lake District.  In 1994 she moved to the United States  and now lives 0n Cape Cod, Massachusetts. 

She began her career in the arts over 30 years ago. She is an experiential artist, impacted by a deep visceral connection to her soul and the innate desire to depict her intimate feelings and views on to the canvas in a spontaneous, raw and abstract self-expression. Color choice and formal elements are spontaneous and intuitive and driven by her own internal dialogue, emotional in nature and a metaphor for her life’s journey, from British origins, travels around the world, personal struggles and challenges, events in society. They embody the magic and whimsical illusions of a child, the strength and wisdom of a woman with an old soul. She brings an emotional voice and dialogue to the struggles of friends and strangers, and visually transcends the impact of that meeting, the lessons learned, the inherent truths, in color, pattern and texture.

She works mainly in acrylic and mixed media, including wax, pearlescent powders, gesso of different consistencies, stained glass pieces, collage, gold/silver leaf, and unusual objects she finds washed up on the beach. Her recent compositions are organic and primitive in nature and reveal a range of emotions and narrative expression of joy, hope, peace, renewal, enlightenment and self-awareness.

Her work has been featured in solo, invitational juried state and national exhibitions and represented in private and corporate collections in the US, Europe and Asia. Her abstract work is represented at Periwinkle Art Gallery, Groton MA and 100 Market Street Gallery, Portsmouth NH. 

The first brush stroke is a starting point off the beaten track to self-discovery

~ Jacqui Hawk~

For more information, please email Jacqui at: jacquihawk@gmail.com


Current Representation:

The Gallery at 100 Market The Gallery at 100 Market

Periwinkle Art and Glassworks, Main Street, Groton, Massachusetts Periwinkle Art Gallery


Cotuit Center for the Arts

Cape Cod Museum of Art

Cape Cod Art Center

Sandwich Arts Alliance

Arts Foundation of Cape Cod


NEW : Jacqui has recently been juried into the International Juried Exhibit “All The World’s A Stage” at the Cape Cod Museum of Art.  The Opening Artist Reception will be held on Friday May 20th, 4-7pm. Exhibition dates : May 11 – July 24, 2022. https://www.ccmoa.org/all-the-world

NEW : Jacqui has recently been juried into the Open Juried Exhibit “Spring Mix” at Cotuit Center for the Arts.  The Opening Artist Reception will be held on Sunday March 4, 3-5pm. Exhibition dates : March 4 – April 24, 2023. 

NEW : Jacqui was juried into the “In A Mood” exhibit at Cotuit Center for the Arts.  Exhibition dates : January 22 – March 5, 2022.  

NEW : Jacqui is one of 4 artists juried into the healing art exhibit at Melrose Wakefield Hospital through December 31, 2021. NE Art Reach Melrose Wakefield

NEW : Jacqui is one of 32 artists juried into the National Juried Show “Sightlines”, selected by Adam Adelson (Adelson Galleries Boston).  The Artist reception will be held at the South Shore Art Center, Cohasset MA on Thursday 9 November, 6-8pm

Sightlines – South Shore Art Center

NEW : Please join Jacqui at the upcoming Artist Reception on July 1st 5-7 pm at The Gallery at 100 Market for the Regional and State Invitational and Juried/Curated Exhibition.

NEW : Jacqui has recently been juried into the National Juried Show “On The Edge”, selected by Mass Museum of Contemporary Art Museum Curator, Denise Markonish.  The Artist Reception will be held at the South Shore Art Center, Cohasset MA on Friday 13 November 6-8pm.  On The Edge – South Shore Art Center.


Email : jacquihawk@gmail.com

Website : Jacqui Hawk Art

Fine Art America : http://jacqui-hawk.fineartamerica.com

Pixels: https://jacqui-hawk.pixels.com/

Facebook : @jacquihawkart

Instagram : @jacquihawkart

Twitter : @jacquihawkart

2 Responses to Jacqui Hawk Artist Statement

  1. Julie says:

    Hi Jacqui,
    I hope all is well. I enjoyed reading your interview and seeing your artwork. Your attitude toward art and creative expression is inspirational. Would you send me some information about your art opening at Stella Blu? It’s Saturday, November 20th, isn’t it?
    Julie (friend of Lisa P.)


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