New England Artists International

New England Artists International is a group of award winning international artists from Lebanon, China, Germany, France and Scotland who have made their home in New England.  They met through their passion for art. They each share their thoughts, feelings and opinions about life in their native countries and New England through their creativity.


Hilda Bennett (Germany)

Hilda Bennett Art



Jacqui Hawk (Scotland)

Jacqui Hawk Art

Jacqui Hawk Facebook Art Page

Jacqui Hawk Fine Art America

The Kiss

The Kiss



Hsiu Norcott (Taiwan)

Hsiu Norcott Fine Art

Hsiu Norcott Fine Art America



Marilene Sawaf (Lebanon/Italy)

Marilene Sawaf Fine Art

Marilene Sawaf Fine Art America




Albine Vermot Gaud (France)

Albine Vermot Gaud Art Blog

Albine Vermot Gaud : Fine Art America



Gail Allen (USA)

Gail Allen Art


Monique Sakellarios (Lebanon)

Monique Sakellarios Art