Delighted to be a featured artist in the European Magazine “Kunst Trifft Wien” (Art Meets Vienna)



“My paintings show the energy and beauty of the sea… as it ebbs and flows….as it delivers, cleanses, enriches, and takes away…. and reminds me how each day of our lives are different, each with their own degree sadness and happiness and how we must learn to give and take…. some days are peaceful… the gentle sea laps gracefully at the shoreline… some days it roars…crashing cruelly, clawing away the foundations of so many…. it is a circle… a circle we must learn to accept with grace and understanding of the values and treasures to be found in both stormy and calm waters….” 
I am a native of Edinburgh, Scotland and began my career in the arts over 20 years. Each of my paintings is emotional in nature and a metaphor for my life’s journey, from Scottish origins, travels around the world, personal struggles and challenges. It embodies the magic and whimsical illusions of a child and the strength and wisdom of a woman with an old soul. My work is intuitive in nature and very spontaneous and always reflects what is going on inside of me. 

I work mainly in mixed 

media, including acrylics, oils, wax, pearlescent powders, gesso of different consistencies, stained glass pieces, decoupage, and unusual objects I find washed up on the beach. My recent compositions are organic and primitive in nature and reveal a range of emotions from sadness, hope, peace, renewal, right through to euphoric joy. 
I am drawn again and again to beautiful ancient oak trees. “There is something so magical and stoic about them which resonates with me… from the roots that forage underground with determined courage to find their way to lofty blue skies and weather the strongest storms, yet remain steadfast in their purpose”. 
More recently I have been lured by the beauty and replenishment of the seashore. My most recent collection is called “Holding on and Letting Go”… this collection symbolizes how we hold on to love, memories, respect, boundaries and “Let Go” of outcomes. My paintings show the energy and beauty of the sea, as it ebbs and flows, as it delivers and takes away, and reminds us of the ever evolving treasures life reveals.
Gallery Representation: 263 Art Gallery – Nashua NH
Current and upcoming exhibtions: 

Through April 2012
ART REACH, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Nashua NH

April – June 2012
La Boniche, Lowell MA

To see and read more about Jacqui Hawk please visit her website , the blog  and her page on Facebook

About jacqui hawk

Jacqui Hawk is a nationally collected and award winning artist living in Dunstable MA. Her work has been featured in solo, invitational juried state and national exhibitions and represented in private and corporate collections in the US, Europe and Asia. Her abstract work is represented at 100 Market Street Gallery, Portsmouth NH.
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