Why I love to buy Original Art!

Yes, I’m an artist, and yes, I love to buy original art from other artists I admire.  It’s not something I can afford to do every week, but now and then a painting comes along that I just NEED to have in my world !

The first piece I purchased is by Marilene Sawaf; I first saw a piece of her art in a local Gallery about 10 years ago – I remember staring at her painting of a group of beautiful exotic women, marveling at the beauty, technique and sense of mystery she conveys in her work.  I later became friends with Marilene and was lucky enough to purchase a small piece from her several years ago… her women are beautiful, accomplished and strong and I love the sense of friendship and camaraderie they convey.  Sawaf captures the imagination… leaving the viewer wondering who these women are, who is the mystical figure in the background?… I love having this piece in my home !

Marilene Sawaf :  www.marilene-sawaf.com

I was lucky enough to purchase a small piece by the wonderfully talented Trevor Jones from Canada who now resides inEdinburgh, Scotland. I was originally introduced to his beautiful abstract art through Facebook; I participated in the terrific Trees for Life exhibit which Trevor organized in 2011 with hundreds of artists from all over the world, joining together to raise money for the Caledonian Forest in Scotland.

I love this piece, free flowing, layers of mixed media, there is rhythm, pattern, depth, a sense of mystery and storytelling emerging with materials such as acrylic paints, oil pastel, collage, ink, and graphite.  I feel energized and inspired when I look at this piece… it hangs in my studio and welcomes me each day as I pick up my paint brush.

Trevor Jones : www.trevorjonesart.com

I fell in love with this piece by Heidi Keyes the moment I laid eyes on it ! An instant connection !! Don’t you just love it when that happens?!

Heidi Keyes is a dynamite artist from Denver CO, who I also first met on Facebook. This piece is called “The Weird World Beneath my Balcony”.

I couldn’t get this painting out of my head for a week after I saw it… just like a song gets stuck ! It’s so strange but on a deeper level this painting was calling out to me. I think a small part of me felt like the red house… the windows and door are a little battered and bruised with time… perhaps challenged by the elements of life and has gone through some adversity… yet the home emits a powerful positive energy of strength and courage through the use of the vibrant colors… there’s an honesty and truth about this piece that gets to me every time I look at it.

Heidi Keyes : www.heidikeyesart.com
Buying a piece or original art is like having a tiny piece of someone’s soul in your world.  As an artist myself… I understand the love and passion from which a painting can be born.  I love the conversations which occur between me and the original art paintings I have purchased – we go back and forth… always finding new hidden treasures to uncover.

I’d like to share a piece which I did last year with my friend Albine Vermot Gaud.  It is called L’Amour et La Vie (love and life).

This piece recently sold to a buyer who had an instant and very deep emotional connection with it.  There were many tears on the day she first saw it and a feeling of understanding.  As an artist that’s the biggest compliment you can ever receive.  It’s like listening to a love song which can tug at your heart strings.  The painting is about the three stages of love… innocent first love, passionate love and wise love.

I hope to paint many more pieces which connect with the hearts of others… and I look forward to “meeting and falling in love” over and over with new pieces I meet on my journey.  I encourage everyone to connect with original Art !!!!! If you don’t normally have “visiting an Art Gallery’ or ‘art exhibit’ on your calendar, make room for this… I assure you you will LOVE what happens when you just show up 🙂

Jacqui Hawk

About jacqui hawk

Jacqui Hawk is a nationally collected and award winning artist living in Dunstable MA. Her work has been featured in solo, invitational juried state and national exhibitions and represented in private and corporate collections in the US, Europe and Asia. Her abstract work is represented at 100 Market Street Gallery, Portsmouth NH.
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2 Responses to Why I love to buy Original Art!

  1. Trevor Jones says:

    Thanks for sharing this with me Jacqui and it’s nice to see some other familiar names in their too: Heidi and Albine. Its a small world isn’t it. 🙂


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